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brooks Glycerin GTS 19 Men's Running Shoes

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Color: Black | Grey | Red Clay 

 With the Glycerin 19 GTS, Brooks is implementing a paradigm shift: For many, many years running shoe models have been sorted into two very large categories: Neutral models for runners who roll off with every step without bending inward too much in the ankle. And stable running shoes for everyone who bends sharply (so-called overpronators). The US running shoe specialist has recently started offering its models in two versions: a neutral one and a slightly more stable one. The aim is for runners to find even more precisely fitting models that are made for their own feet and their individual running style. So it happens that the Brooks Glycerin, which has been one of the most comfortable running shoes on the market for years, but is aimed more at runners without excessive overpronation, in the 19th generation is now also available in a more stable version, which you can recognize by the name affix GTS. Just like the neutral version, it has DNA Loft technology, which, according to Brooks, makes the model “the shoe with the best cushioning of all time”. Our testers also certified the shoe consistently high levels of cushioning and comfort, as well as balanced stability, which the new Glycerin GTS 19 receives through the support system called “Guide Rails” by Brooks. With this element, it also differs from the neutral variant. The testers raved about the fit of the new model, which was "sock-like". This is because Brooks combined the mesh surface with the inner lining of the upper material of the shoe in such a way that it 

In the GTS version, the Brooks Glycerin 19 is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a supported shoe without sacrificing top comfort and cushioning. The cushioning with DNA Loft supports the comfortable feeling while running. Since the sole is not only soft but also responsive, the shoe never feels spongy when you run. Beginners can cope with it wonderfully, but it is also an ideal shoe for many kilometers at a comfortable pace.

The new, stable glycerine
With guide rails
Best cushioning ever
Drop: 10mm
Weight: 303.3g
GuideRails® supports your body in its natural movement
DNA LOFT cushioning for super soft cushioning
New midsole for comfortable rolling
The upper made of §D FIT print with strategically placed stretch material and structure for a comfortable fit
OrthoLite® insole for premium comfort in the shoe
Ideal for road running