Over two decades ago, we opened our doors to our first-ever retail store in Dubai, boasting a wide range of sporting goods and equipment from the leaders of the industry. As our journey went on, we became more and more interested in the sport of running and its accessibility to everyone, where all you need to take part is a pair of running shoes, a bottom, and a top. That was when we opened our first few stores dedicated to runners.

Now, who is a runner? Anyone that gets out of the house and runs is a runner in our eyes. Whether you run for 100 meters, or you are an ultra-marathon runner and everyone in between. Whether you are a beginner and you are excited about going on your first run or a seasoned professional. At our stores, we strive to meet every single one of your running needs and demands.


Are you running in the right shoes?

Runner's UAE is here to help you pick the right shoes that are made to perfectly fit your feet. By looking at your feet our professionals will know which feet type (flat foot, neutral foot, high arch foot) you have and which shoe type fits your feet perfectly. It’s important to be educated on what type of running shoes fits your feet type best. Make sure you pass by our stores to learn more!