asics PRFM Unisex Visor


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Color: Performance Black

Asics PRFM VISOR men's sports cap is designed for you to move comfortably during tennis matches. It is a visor model whose head part is clearly designed to prevent sweating. The Asics PRFM VISOR men's sports cap is designed with a curved visor to help protect your face from the sun. In this way, the sun is prevented from distracting you during the match and it is aimed to show a performance focused only on the match.

Perforated perforated panels placed on the sides allow the visor to breathe. These breathable panels quickly remove moisture from your head and keep your head dry and fresh. With an adjustable strap on the back, the Asics PRFM VISOR men's sports cap can be easily adjusted to your head. The light-reflective spiral Asics logo on the front makes it easy to spot in low-light environments.